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Every room in your house should be a room for living – a space that invigorates the soul, is truly functional, and holds up to a lifetime of active use.

“Interior designer” fits on the business card, but in daily practice I’m an artist, muse, shepherd, mind reader, and project manager. I paint with fabrics, sculpt with furnishings, and compose symphonies with color, texture, patterns, and structure.

I guide clients along an enlightening journey of self-discovery, creativity, and manifestation. Some wants, needs, and desires are hard for clients to articulate. Through intuition, collaboration, vibrant discussion, and shared daydreaming, we can manifest what’s unspoken and lead our path to a triumphant destination.

My designs harmonize a reduced environmental footprint with uncompromised style.

Most importantly — my clients love working with me. Chemistry is the critical element for any working relationship, especially one that relies on creativity, collaboration, and cool/collected decision making.

Before you hire a contractor, start your journey here.

  • Investing in a professional design strategy at the outset can better realize your vision — which is priceless…
  • While dramatically lowering your total overall spend – actual, crunchable, numbers

Before you buy a new house or hire a contractor, let’s discuss how you’re living now, how you want to live, and holistic paths to get there. If you love your neighborhood and neighbors, you might not need to buy a new house. And why fill your house — and within years, the landfill — with products that don’t deliver and won’t last?


My promise to you… 

Designed For Joy. Designed For You.

Some designers have a signature style – which is great… if their style matches yours. My clients want their homes to reflect their own lives, lifestyles, personalities, tastes, energy, and goals.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmentally responsible designs don’t need to look rustic and green; exquisite selections can be made to fit every design concept.

Durability and Longevity

Gone are the days when your nicest furniture is wrapped in plastic or placed in rooms that are admired but rarely used. 


I grew up in a teepee where good design and craftsmanship were crucial to quality of life. If the knolls of the lodgepole pine were not stripped smooth, rain would plop down on my pillow. I went to college in a bastion of Southern gentility, which rocked my world as much as any culture shock would, but it opened the doors to see the finer things, exquisite antiques, modern art, and everything between.

While I went to business school (UW) to succeed in a dot com boom, I also loved crafting fascinating characters and new worlds into existence as an actress, director, and set designer. Because I chose to be in the theatre, I had to have a day job, so I became a property manager and supervised numerous kitchen and bathroom remodels. Because I did not become a famous actress, I went to art school and became a visual artist. Because I got lonely in my art studio after a dozen years, I went to design school. And so, my design chops resulted from years of life lived to the fullest along with grounded experience working with contractors and mastering the elements and principles of design.

Beyond talent, expertise, and work ethic, there’s a 4th pillar to my business – personality. I am open-minded, energetic, positive, and absolutely in love with all things creative. Clients and designers must choose each other, so chemistry is important. I want you to leave every conversation and walk-through inspired. If we both don’t feel this will be our working relationship, I’ll simply wish you the best as you search for your best possible fit.