Process and Credentials

Clients hire me because they want to spend less time “articulating their vision” and more time living their lives knowing I have everything covered.
Skye Howell Henley
Principal Designer

I’m not your typical
interior designer. 

  • I’ll design living spaces that manifest the life you want to lead.
  • Married? I’ll incorporate the style of both spouses to look like one cohesive vision.
  • I’ll spec products that are breathtaking, durable, and sustainable.


  • I won’t bait and switch high end concepts with low-end big box products
  • I steer clear of vanity brands that don’t deliver performance and won’t last
  • My sustainable designs won’t look green, rustic, and recycled — unless that’s what you want


  • Bellevue College, CIDA-approved Interior Design program
  • Sustainable Furnishings Council, SFC Green Leadership training
  • Property Management, 8 years managing contractors & remodeling homes
  • Studio artist, transforming theatrical stages into other worlds


  • Community Support: a portion of every sale is reinvested to support the tireless work of my favorite non-profits.
  • Environmental sustainability considerations are built into every design I present to clients; but I’ll honor your decision to accept or reject these options.
  • Integrity: My work is rooted in transparency, honesty, candid dialogue, inclusion, and fairness.


  1. Chemistry & Commitment– we interview each other. Are we a fit in terms of needs, timing, and budget – and will we enjoy working together?
  2. Design phase – walk the site, discuss the life you want to live, then you relax while I produce floor plans, CAD renderings, and product selections.
  3. Project management – I supervise procurement and work with contractors to ensure the project truly delivers, without shortcuts that compromise our vision.
  4. The big reveal – this is the moment when I hope you fall in love.